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This 10 Minute Guide was written specifically to help you navigate life with less stress, less worry and less anxiety — something we’re calling mental fitness. 

Author, Scott Taylor, aims to distill his learnings into an easy to understand, fast to digest book — so that you can start practicing, and with it hopefully leading a life feeling less trapped and overall more happy. 

Please note this is the digital version, emailed to you right after purchase. If you want the physical copy, head on over to Amazon. Also, please note -- if you are unemployed or a student in full time education, please email us and we will send you a copy for free.

Table of contents: 

Chapter 1 - You’re in good company

Brief introduction to anxiety. Helping you understand if you suffer from common symptoms. We jump into the very core of anxiety: the fight or flight response, and the hormone responsible — adrenaline. 

Chapter 2 - Putting anxiety into perspective

We start by looking at common habits of the anxious — such as catastrophising, avoidance and planning around anxiety. We also touch on the blame game and the anxiety scale. 

Chapter 3 - Understanding the anxious mind

It’s crucial to understand how the rational mind and the anxious mind differ. We learn the three core statements that stimulate anxiety, and the three aspects of life that the anxious mind scans to try and rationalise anxiety. 

Chapter 4 - Training the rational mind

We focus on establishing some core beliefs to help break the anxiety loop. We also look at how we can change our habits and shrink the amygdala. We finish by looking at the ‘thought pie chart’. 

Chapter 5 - Thinking about diet

The gut is extremely important to overall health, and in this chapter we focus on how to improve the ‘gut-brain axis’. Through both diet improvement tips as well as exploring probiotics and how they can help keep your gut bacteria in check. 

Chapter 6 - Read this if you’re having a panic attack

Proven steps and methods to reduce the feeling of anxiety and panic. Read this chapter when you feel you are in the early stages of a panic attack. I also include some information for your friends and family, on how to best help someone who is currently experiencing a panic attack.